About us


Reduce post harvest loss while ensuring food security through agricultural innovation for the people of Ghana.


A recent study conducted by the agric ministry in Ghana shows that more and more younger generations are moving towards white collar jobs as they do not see agriculture as a career option. This direction is forcing Ghana to import crops like corn which used to be one of the most common farm produce from neighboring countries. 

Many of the uneducated youth in Ghana also find it difficult to engage in agriculture as they do not have the technical knowledge. Most of these individuals engage in illegal mining causing great damage to the Country’s communities and water bodies for families. 

About 25% of the population who engage in farming also do not have a good system of preserving their farm produce and hence resulting in post harvest loss.


Godsway’s Agri House Limited provides an umbrella for agricultural innovation in Ghana. Our company started by working closely with rural farmers to reduce post harvest loss of cassava products. We have since expanded to working with farm land owners to cultivate on their land for 2 years and receive a share of 40% profit from the sales. We are engaged in critical food products that are lacking in Ghana, for example, corn. Hence, our company is not only reducing post harvest loss of farm produce but also engaging the youth in agriculture as well as contributing to food security in Ghana. 

Business Model

Godsway’s Agri House Limited has two different revenue generating business model under its umbrella. We have our gari process factory that deals with reducing post harvest loss of cassava among local cassava farmers in rural communities of Ghana.

Our second business model is the agri units where we currently have 20 acres of corn and cassava farm. Our business model for the farms are extremely effective as we do not own our own lands. We work with landowners to cultivate for 2 years and receive a 40% share of the profit. 


Our company started operations in June 2020 under the name Godsway’s Gari Factory. We have since changed our name as we have expanded beyond just processing of Gari. Over the past one year we have raised approximately $14,000 for our expansion. We are currently working with 150 local cassava farmers and 10 farmland owners. We are processing 15 acres of cassava on monthly basis and and an annual cultivation of 20 acres of corn and cassava.